Resilience Is a Muscle with Rick Hanson


We’re talking today with bestselling author Rick Hanson about his book Resilient. Dr. Hanson is a therapist. He has a PhD in clinical psychology and a lot of his writing is at the intersection of psychological science, neuroscience, and mindfulness. He shares insights with us about how to manage stress, as well as the origins of it, and what it really takes for most of us to reduce it. Toward the end of the interview we talk about motivation: how it works and how we can refuel.

Resilient Book Cover by Rick Hanson
Rick Hanson Author

How Power Changes Us


Dacher Keltner is a psychology professor at the University of California, Berkley and the founding director of the Greater Good Science Center. He has authored several books on human emotion and he is here today to talk with us about his most recent book: The Power Paradox.

Keltner has been featured in:

The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal

The London Times
Time Magazine

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