Where Can We Find Genius? with Eric Weiner


Our guest today is Eric Weiner. He is a former correspondent for NPR and the bestselling author of Geography of Bliss. We talk with him about his second book, Geography of Genius. This is where I could write about his great travel writing, philosophical thoughts, and humor, but I prefer to equate reading one of his book to an experience. Imagine you see a large painting that is askew. You walk by this painting everyday, but upon noticing that it is out of kilter you also notice that you’ve never seen the painting. And the painting is in your house. It’s not that it wasn’t there before, you just never stopped to see it. Weiner’s writing is fun and thought provoking. To learn more about him, you can visit

Weiner also has writing workshops coming up this fall, one is in Arizona and another in Nepal.

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Geography of genius book cover by Eric Weiner
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